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No New Posts General Information [MUST READ!]

Every journey has a beginning. In order to embark on yours, please familiarize yourself with the information held here. On the continent of Anikira, there are specific guidelines, breeds, and other miscellaneous information necessary to fit in. Learn these things before creating a new character and joining those already inhabiting the lands of Anikira.

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25 32 Member-Character List
by Toiro
Oct 18, 2014 21:33:53 GMT -5
No New Posts The Sacred Lives [biographies] - 2 Viewing

Once you have read the rules and guidelines for creating your biography, here is your next task. Please fill out the form to create your biography. Whether your wolf is young, or old, black or white, this is your next stop on the way to role-playing. Let your creativity flow as you weave yourself into your character. You should not post IC until your character is accepted.

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123 126 Yulumbay
by Toiro
Dec 22, 2014 2:15:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Announcements - 1 Viewing

The staff often have important information to relay. Here you will find these records, whether they be polls, reminders, or lengthy announcements. Members are encouraged to give input to help further the site and simply have a part in the process. Be sure to keep an eye on the board to keep up to date on the going-ons in the lands of Anikira.

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13 97 The Super Awesome Spectacular Exciting Advertising Contest!
by Goliath
Dec 1, 2014 9:32:34 GMT -5


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No New Posts Pack Registry

To keep order and all things family together, the Pack Registry creates a collection of all information regarding to individual packs. This is a zone dedicated to the groups that wander Anikira in hopes of bettering themselves as individuals and families alike. Find your information here, and use it to forge your way in the years to come.

7 8 Kairos Pack
by Goliath
Oct 19, 2014 12:57:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Development

Every character needs to grow and change. It is part of what makes role-playing a unique and interesting hobby. Here, you can plot and scheme with others to create mini-plots or simply discuss ideas that will better (or worsen) your characters. It can be used to find someone to play a character from your past or build a relationship between two complete different wolves. You decide!

Sub-boards: Character Logs, A New Life

68 467 Lalani Plots!
by Lalani
Dec 17, 2014 17:44:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Archives - 3 Viewing

Here you will find the past of Anikira, dating back to the very beginning of the site. The threads are organized by the lands in which they occurred. Threads that are completed or dead are archived at the beginning of each month. Enjoy learning about the characters that wander the site and simply the past of the lands.

Sub-boards: Caurus Threads, Tiayr Threads, Shyia Threads, The Oriens Threads, Aleru Threads, Kamari Threads, Acerbus Threads, The Occasus Threads, Ina'mos Threads, Xisyn Threads, Aveline Threads, I'queyer Threads, Vor'asa Threads, R'imdar Threads, Kal'dyne Threads, OOC Threads

1,427 10,777 Strangely Divine [OPEN]
by Lynker
Oct 26, 2014 23:51:56 GMT -5

North Territories

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No New Posts Caurus

Caurus is the northernmost piece of Anikira. The territory includes both the continental mass as well as Ina'mos Island off the coast. It is ruled by a mild climate, but the winters can be rather chilly. Caurus is one of the few territories loners can roam without any claims being placed on it.

Claimed By: Unclaimable

Sub-boards: Nytyte River, The Shydar, Niall Caverns

4 115 Monster [open]
by Anima
Dec 19, 2014 16:20:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Tiayr

Tiayr is a portion of the northern territories. The landscape varies from cliffs to hills. It is a very hospitable environment despite its cooler temperatures. Nestled on the northeastern corner of the continent, Tiayr is a beautiful, full land that is suitable for hunting and roaming.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Sub-boards: Zozyr’s Glory, Nyjoro Hills, Ia'gha Lake, Rarizu Overhang

2 15 The Last Hurrah [Summit]
by Summit
Dec 22, 2014 1:15:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Shyia - 1 Viewing

Shyia is located in the northwestern portion of the continent. It is the coldest territory in Anikira, but the trees still provide shelter to a multitude of species. Winter-coated wolves are well adapted to this territory. However, it is also a wonderful place for arctic foxes and snowshoe hares.

Claimed By: Airila Pack
Alpha(s): Toiro

Sub-boards: Lerelm, Tia'deli Mountains, Xayar Forest, Issimor Caverns

6 40 Just Another Sentimental Aside [Kujo]
by Crux
Dec 21, 2014 12:37:03 GMT -5

East Territories

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No New Posts The Oriens

The Oriens is nestled on the eastern coast of Anikira. It is completely surrounded by the Kinath except for a small portion of the beach and where the mountains meet the cliffs. The temperature is generally mild in the forest, but the mountains are chilly year-round with snow-coated peaks.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Sub-boards: The Kinath, Nyspoli's Pool, Zaor Forest, Usklhon Caverns

2 40 Always [Katari]
by Summit
Dec 22, 2014 3:08:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Aleru

The plates shifting dislodged a huge entrance to what appears to be an underground cavern. This cave dives deep beneath both Kamari and The Oriens with no access to the outside in either territory. The entrance rests on the southwestern edge of the Kinath between the Oriens and I'queyer.

Claimed By: Ultoris Pack
Alpha(s): Severus

Sub-boards: Waters of Ongar, Dystres Stalagmites, Selunari Expanse, Shyorm

6 13 Cherokee Blossom [Severus/Open]
by Severus
Oct 31, 2014 16:19:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Kamari

Kamari, once known for its polluted waters and chemical-ridden grounds, has healed nicely over the years. A broad expanse covers most of the territory. It is nestled in the center of the continent, surrounded completely by land except for the river of the Occasus. It is a very mild tempered territory.

Claimed By: Descai Pack
Alpha(s): Ryker

Sub-boards: Boryz Prairie, Enackir Hot Springs, Kalus's Point, On-aldirr Crevice

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West Territories

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No New Posts Acerbus

Acerbus is a very versatile region. It is warmer in the south where it borders the hotter portions of Anikira, but cooler up north where the mountains of Shyia provide a barrier. It is located against the western coast of the continent, and it is well populated with food critters amongst the trees.

Claimed By: Descai Pack
Alpha(s): Ryker

Sub-boards: Lleingas Woods, Drarynough, Ryn-Eldbel, Kiaou Mines

2 6 ` limbo [ banks/rita + open ]
by Banks
Dec 19, 2014 22:04:17 GMT -5
No New Posts The Occasus

The Occasus is the driest and hottest region of Anikira. The desert covers the majority of the territory, but it is bordered on the east by a river that keeps the land inhabitable. It is the home to Pievunt-An. Small prey are in abundance during the cooler seasons, and the occasional large animal falls prey to the sands.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Sub-boards: Aughgar River, Pievunt-An, Sands of Rodorr, Isdyn's Deep

6 36 Wretches and Queens. [Open]
by Jaienyx
Dec 20, 2014 15:14:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Ina'mos

A product of the first volcanic eruption of Pievunt-An, Ina'mos is a large island nestled north of Tas'alea, but still on the western side of Anikira. It lacks large plant life, but animals and smaller plants coat the island. Chunks of volcanic rock still litter the ground as a reminder of its origin.

Claimed By: Kairos
Alpha(s): Goliath

Sub-boards: Liandry Falls, Ahyrd's Atoll, Dyndre's Swamp, Cavern of Govyn

4 17 One Of Us [Zohartze]
by Datura
Dec 19, 2014 19:42:06 GMT -5

South Territories

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No New Posts Xisyn - 1 Viewing

Xisyn is located on the southern tip of the continent. This valley, created from a sinkhole in the south portion of the Sands of Rodorr, is now teeming with life. Loose rocks are everywhere. A small creek runs through the lower portion of the valley, and desert caverns are scattered through the walls.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Sub-boards: Belashi Butte, Boulders of Tohyz, Turxos Creek, Virak Caverns

1 10 The Voyager [Jaienyx]
by Jaienyx
Dec 18, 2014 17:59:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Aveline - 1 Viewing

Aveline expands on the southeastern coast of Anikira. While it is mostly grasslands, the easternmost region is marshy and humid. The most notable feature is an old sinkhole that has the clearest water in Anikira streaming through it as well as an ancient crater that is nestled among the grasslands.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Sub-boards: Tor's Marsh, Desakin Crater, Chamoru Plains, The Eye of Fenris

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No New Posts I'queyer

I'queyer is largely dominated by Chamoru Plains, the grasslands of the southern portion of continent. It remains cool or warm year-round, unlike most of Anikira. The beach stretches across a quart of the entire continent's coast. It is abundant in large prey and open for loners to roam at ease.

Claimed By: Unclaimable

Sub-boards: Chamoru Plains, Endyt Beach

2 21 Another Awkward Situation (Katari)
by Katari
Dec 10, 2014 19:06:53 GMT -5


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No New Posts Vor'asa

Vor'asa is the dryer region of Tas'alea, but the dunes that spread across the region have copious oases buried in its midst. It is the home of the only sign of humankind that the wolves of the island ever encountered, and also a large saltwater cove that douses the Northern portion of the island with ocean water.

Claimed By: Kairos
Alpha(s): Goliath

Sub-boards: Adeli's Cove, SS Rilon, Aisu Dunes, Kydifi's Pass

4 36 Take Me Home [Tala]
by Datura
Dec 13, 2014 17:31:08 GMT -5
No New Posts R'imdar

The vast basin of R'imdar encompasses nearly half of the island of Tas'alea. The drainage from the heavily rained island congregates here, and the geysers developed with the arrival of the gross amount of seismic activity. The lava bridge is the neutral point for transit between Tas'alea and Anikira.

Claimed By: Unclaimable

Sub-boards: Delia Basin, Geysers of Nysm, Aleisul Crossing

3 14 Under Control [Iskierka]
by Datura
Dec 21, 2014 21:14:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Kal'dyne

Kal'dyne is home to the tropical creatures of Tas'alea. The Waryck Jungle hides the dangerous animals that prowl the island. The lagoon is one of the most beautiful locations in the jungle, but only if you can make your way there. Wolves who do not wish to be found may find refuge here.

Claimed By: Valyn Pack
Alpha(s): Valeria

Sub-boards: Uchai Lagoon, Hat'moru, Waryck Jungle, Ridge of Vesirtin

3 13 The Longest Night [Sanris]
by Athena
Dec 21, 2014 22:35:52 GMT -5

The End

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No New Posts The Store

After lots of posts and roleplaying, your activity will pay off here. Within this board you can purchase items and privileges for certain amounts of points. The inventory will change from time to time, so be sure to check every once in a while. Be sure to check back for the weekly special and take advantage of the reduced price!

15 113 Kairos World Domination: Phase 1
by Severus
Oct 27, 2014 0:53:49 GMT -5
No New Posts OOC Activities - 1 Viewing

Roleplaying is not always necessary. Whether you wish to display your artistic talents, your personal stories, or play games, this is the board for you. Members are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways. You can also mention your absences within. No matter what you wish to do, there is a good time to be found within this board.

Sub-boards: Absences, Chat It Up, Character Corner, Graphics Station, Games, Contests, & Activities, Free Roleplay

41 438 Nile's Official January Absence Thread
by Banks
Dec 17, 2014 0:38:55 GMT -5
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All advertisements and affiliate requests go under this board. Our code is in the main header. Any affiliate requests need to acknowledge this in your thread title. Please be sure our code is clearly displayed before we accept your affiliation!
Affiliates AND advertisements accepted.

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1,595 1,921 Ferocious [JCINK] 6 MO
by Fen
Dec 22, 2014 3:04:20 GMT -5


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