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Every journey has a beginning. In order to embark on yours, please familiarize yourself with the information held here. On the continent of Anikira, there are specific guidelines, breeds, and other miscellaneous information necessary to fit in. Learn these things before creating a new character and joining those already inhabiting the lands of Anikira.

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Here you can find the statistics of all members, accepted characters and companions in Anikira. These stats are updated frequently and can be a guide to determining where your wolf falls in the grand spectrum of Anikira or for quick reference instead of looking up another wolf’s biography for information. The master list of total wolves of each species that have been accepted is found here.

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Combat on Anikira

Here you'll find an explanation of the new combat mediation system, where you can find an outline of the rules and judging processes, and post your combat applications to resolve resolutions or instigate conquests.

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The Sacred Lives [biographies]

Once you have read the rules and guidelines for creating your biography, here is your next task. Please fill out the form to create your biography. Whether your wolf is young, or old, black or white, this is your next stop on the way to role-playing. Let your creativity flow as you weave yourself into your character. You should not post IC until your character is accepted.

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Pack Registry

To keep order and all things family together, the Pack Registry creates a collection of all information regarding to individual packs. This is a zone dedicated to the groups that wander Anikira in hopes of bettering themselves as individuals and families alike. Find your information here, and use it to forge your way in the years to come.

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Character Development

Every character needs to grow and change. It is part of what makes role-playing a unique and interesting hobby. Here, you can plot and scheme with others to create mini-plots or simply discuss ideas that will better (or worsen) your characters. It can be used to find someone to play a character from your past or build a relationship between two complete different wolves. You decide!

Character Logs

Welcome to the Character Logs. Here you can keep track of all your character information in one handy thread. You can store a thread history to keep track of the wolves your character has met or the places they've been - whatever takes your fancy. If you think something's important to your character, post it here.

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Graphics Corner

Here you may store graphics for your characters, whether they are in the form of tables, signatures, avatars, or some other style. You can also work out the kinks in the coding of new tables, or simply post your artwork here for others to admire.

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A New Life [puppy births]

The gift of life is the greatest of the gifts to be given. Parenthood and puphood are intertwined. Those wolves that have mated and are expecting pups must inquire within. There are certain guidelines that must be met, and even greater, the spirits must decide whether the wolves are worthy to be given puppies to raise and train. These pups are the future of the continent, and they must be treated as such.

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Here you will find the past of Anikira, dating back to the very beginning of the site. The threads are organized by the lands in which they occurred. Threads that are completed or dead are archived at the beginning of each month. Enjoy learning about the characters that wander the site and simply the past of the lands.

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North Territories


Shyia is located in the northwestern portion of the continent. It is the coldest territory in Anikira, but the trees still provide shelter to a multitude of species. Winter-coated wolves are well adapted to this territory. However, it is also a wonderful place for arctic foxes and snowshoe hares.

Claimed By: Airila Pack
Alpha(s): Toiro


A tunnel worms its way under the mountains, carved out by years of erosion and shifting earth. The deeper it delves, the louder the trickles of water can be heard. The passageway explodes into a cavernous aquifer, buried below the surface for thousands of years. The fresh water is cool and never threatens to run low.

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Sisterly Love [Harpy] by Harpy Apr 5, 2016 17:26:58 GMT -5
Tia'deli Mountains

The peaks of Tia-deli stretch high into the clouds. The mountains run from the western coast to the southern border of Shyia. While they are not nearly as cold as most mountain ranges, there are spots within the mountains that are treacherous in the dead of winter. The foliage is bursting with mid-sized animals that feast on the squirrels and rabbits.

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Winter Wonderland (Torque/Open) by Torque Feb 7, 2016 10:45:53 GMT -5
Xayar Forest

The trees of Xayar Forest sprawl across the majority of Northwestern Anikira. The climate varies from colder and dryer in the North to the warmer, damp atmosphere of the South. Wildlife generally clusters in the southern forest, but more exotic animals, such as the arctic fox and snow hares, prefer the trees near the base of Tia’deli.

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Back Again (Calantha / Open) by Harpy Apr 8, 2016 10:23:55 GMT -5
Issimor Caverns

Nestled against the Northwestern corner of the territory is a cavern. While it still technically falls beneath the mountain range, it rests on the beach. The sands and waves are visible from the entrance. However, in horrid storms, the lower chambers of the cave will fill with water. The location is pristine and calm, and it is rarely stumbled upon. Though the entrance is wide and inviting, few dare to venture in without invitation.

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Back Again (Calantha / Open) by Harpy Apr 8, 2016 10:23:55 GMT -5

Caurus is the northernmost piece of Anikira. The territory includes both the continental mass as well as Ina'mos Island off the coast. It is ruled by a mild climate, but the winters can be rather chilly. Caurus is one of the few territories loners can roam without any claims being placed on it.

Claimed By: None
Alpha(s): None

Nytyte River

Carving a path through the hills, Nytyte River divides Caurus from Tiayr. The river is no more than a half mile wide, but the currents are dangerous and make crossing difficult. Paths of rocks and beaver dams provide a safe passage in a few areas, but otherwise it keeps intruders from accessing the terra.

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Broken Promises (Aztec/Mature) by Heimdall Mar 30, 2016 8:27:35 GMT -5
The Shydar

A vast meadow coats the center of the northern territory. During the winter, the fields are desolate and bland, but with the arrival of spring, the foliage blooms. A blanket of red flowers has coated the ground every spring in remembrance of the wolves that lost their lives here. Trees dot the horizon, and small brooks and pools litter the ground.

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Savior (Takoda) by Takoda Apr 17, 2016 17:12:00 GMT -5
Niall Caverns

Carved throughout the valleys of the Nyjoro Hills are a variety of small caverns. These earthen structures, though prone to collapsing, frequently provide shelter in time of need. Travelers often seek their comfort during poor weather, whether they be loners or pack members returning home. Just beware of ornery inhabitants.

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Just Passing Through [Evani] by Eithne Apr 6, 2016 21:55:13 GMT -5
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Savior (Takoda) by Takoda Apr 17, 2016 17:12:00 GMT -5

Tiayr is a portion of the northern territories. The landscape varies from cliffs to hills. It is a very hospitable environment despite its cooler temperatures. Nestled on the northeastern corner of the continent, Tiayr is a beautiful, full land that is suitable for hunting and roaming.

Claimed By: Eden Pack
Alpha(s): Thanatos

Zozyr’s Glory

Ominous cliffs stretch across the Northeastern coast of Anikira. While at first glance they seem unnerving and deadly, they are actually teeming with life. Ledges and slopes provide methods of navigation, and the walls are covered with caves. The sheer wall is named for the legendary wolf Zozyr, one of the wolven gods believed to have formed the island.

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Fresh Start [Thanatos/Joining] by Thanatos Apr 8, 2016 9:59:37 GMT -5
Nyjoro Hills

The widespread hills of Nyjoro coat most of Tiayr and half of Caurus. These hills are bustling with life and vary in size from mere bumps to nearly mountainous mounds. They remain green year round, and the large game of the continent tend to wander the hills, including bison, caribou, and moose.

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New Start (Joining) by Ace Mar 27, 2016 18:35:53 GMT -5
Ia'gha Lake

Hidden in a valley of Nyjoro Hills, Ia’gha Lake is slightly southwest of Zozyr’s Glory. The water is chilly year round; it is below sea level and rarely comes in contact with the sunlight. The lake is fed by a small tributary of Nytyte River that snakes through the hills. While the temperature is cold, some fish and water-dwelling critters still survive here.

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Ice Skating Fun (Open) by Takoda Apr 5, 2016 16:14:14 GMT -5
Rarizu Overhang

Buried in the walls of Zozyr’s Glory, an inhabitable cavern dangles with the rest. The entrance is shielded with brush and rocks, but the view from the cave is stunning. Wolves can see for miles across the ocean, and the more daring wolves jump from the cliffs to swim in the ocean. The caverns burrow straight into the cliff wall, branching off in various directions. The walls are coarse, indicating that they are fairly recently formed.

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First Impressions [Kenai/Nova/Than] by Thanatos Mar 9, 2016 10:03:50 GMT -5
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A frosty wasteland of ice and bitterness, Cryothia is the remnants of the northern iceberg drifting into the north coast of Anikira. While the majority of the tundra is barren, striking ice caverns and crystalline caves dot the northwestern mountains, providing shelter to those that dare to venture forward.

Claimed By: Airila Pack
Alpha(s): Toiro


Also referred to as the Great Divide, Rynack is the long stretch between the northern Anikira lands and the frosty expanse of Cryothia. At the merger, the glacial waters often thaw and flow, providing a fresh water source to those who venture toward it. In some areas, the ice is fragile and extremely dangerous to cross.

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Party Central [Harlot] by Cherokee Mar 23, 2016 19:54:14 GMT -5
Irengu Plains

Spanning the vast majority of Cryothia, this barren, icy wasteland is home to many arctic animals never before seen in Anikira, including seals, penguins, and the far more dangerous polar bears. While it may seem lifeless, this expanse is deadly, as the creatures that dwell here blend handily into their surroundings.

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From Out Of The Flames by Sheriff Apr 18, 2016 14:18:27 GMT -5
Kalas Mountains

Rising high above the flat lands of the tundra, Kalas Mountains provide protection and shelter from the brutal nights of the territory. The ice mountains are littered with caves, ranging from the smallest dens for the arctic fox and hare to the winding caverns that delve miles below the surface of the glacier.

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New Time New Place (Open) by Anima Feb 16, 2016 23:26:19 GMT -5

Nal'Eny represents the largest cavern buried into the base of the Kalas Mountains. While there is the fear of stalactites falling to the cavern floor and shattering, the majority of the cave is safe and well protected from the elements. The open, spacious nature of the cave makes it an ideal den site.

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Rain Rain Go Away (Open) by Anima Mar 29, 2016 15:29:13 GMT -5
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East Territories

The Oriens

The Oriens is nestled on the eastern coast of Anikira. It is completely surrounded by the Kinath except for a small portion of the beach and where the mountains meet the cliffs. The temperature is generally mild in the forest, but the mountains are chilly year-round with snow-coated peaks.

Claimed By: Othala Pack
Alpha(s): Kiva & Eidus

The Kinath

The mountains of The Kinath tower above the rest of Southern Anikira. Dangerous, slick paths lead up to the snow-capped peaks. The range divides the plains from the greenery of the Oriens. Snow remains on the tips around the caves year round. Evergreens are the only trees on the mountains, but large boulders prevent excess erosion.

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Stitches [Sazio] by Sazio Mar 18, 2016 0:53:48 GMT -5
Nyspoli's Pool

A fresh water source, Nyspoli’s Pool, is fed by an underground river that trickles through rocks at the base. The water is clear, fresh, and cool. The pool is deep, serving as a home to large fish and other water critters. It is surrounded by a sandy beach and large oak trees. Erosion over the years has exposed tree roots near the water’s edge.

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Change Happens in Time (Kiva) by Kiva Mar 31, 2016 15:15:11 GMT -5
Zaor Forest

The prided Zaor Forest covers a large portion of the Oriens. There is a variety of trees, including pine, oak, evergreen, and maple. The forest provides shelter to a variety of prey. Nyspoli’s Pool is nestled within its branches. The earth is damp and mossy, and the trees supply constant shade to those who wander within its midst.

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Way Of Life ( Yang/Open ) by Yang Apr 5, 2016 9:53:04 GMT -5
Usklhon Caverns

Within the mountain range known as the Kinath, a cave formed from years of erosion serves as a home for the wolves. This cavern has multiple chambers and can only be accessed by the dangerous slopes of the mountains.

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Winter Nights (Sasha/Open) by Yang Apr 4, 2016 18:09:51 GMT -5
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Way Of Life ( Yang/Open ) by Yang Apr 5, 2016 9:53:04 GMT -5

The plates shifting dislodged a huge entrance to what appears to be an underground cavern. This cave dives deep beneath both Kamari and The Oriens with no access to the outside in either territory. The entrance rests on the southwestern edge of the Kinath between the Oriens and I'queyer.

Claimed By: Ultoris Pack
Alpha(s): Severus

Waters of Ongar

This fast-moving open stream gushes right through the heart of Aleru. It is believed that, prior to the shifting of the plates, the entirety of the area was flooded by the Waters of Ongar. Now it provides a fresh water source and also a home to the frogs, newts, and snakes. The water spans almost twenty feet across and is around three feet deep.

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Lost in Musings [Laurel/Open] by Laurel Mar 31, 2016 20:18:30 GMT -5
Dystres Stalagmites

Deeper into the cavern, the Dystres Stalagmites seem to sprout from the earth. It is among these large stone features that prey animals such as woodrats, raccoons, and foxes find their security. Many small holes provide safety to the critters that would not otherwise be found in the open cavern. The ground is constantly damp and slimey, and the slightest sound echoes against the walls.

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Into the Belly of Darkness (Genesis/Open) by Genesis Apr 6, 2016 22:07:50 GMT -5
Selunari Expanse

The grandiose main entrance to Aleru stretches almost a mile in each direction. The floor is slick from years of water erosion carving out the earth to form the nearly nine foot tall cavern. The ceiling is coated in glow worms that light up the entirety of the area so that visibility is high. A net of ferns and moss coat the stretch that is privy to the sunlight during daylight hours.

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The Mighty Always Return [Severus] by Severus Apr 9, 2016 18:08:53 GMT -5

A lower level of the earthy cavern is mostly dark, but it provides the security necessary to call it a den site. Shyorm can only be accessed by a two foot wide hole in the northern wall of Aleru. The curvy entrance is indicative that it was once a water pathway. Down below is a separate network of smaller rooms that provide both privacy and safety to the creatures within.

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A Stranger's Comfort [open] by Wraith Mar 3, 2016 11:45:55 GMT -5
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The Mighty Always Return [Severus] by Severus Apr 9, 2016 18:08:53 GMT -5

Kamari, once known for its polluted waters and chemical-ridden grounds, has healed nicely over the years. A broad expanse covers most of the territory. It is nestled in the center of the continent, surrounded completely by land. It is a very mild tempered territory, often referred to as the heartland of Anikira.

Claimed By: Valyn Pack
Alpha(s): Valeria

Boryz Prairie

A vast open prairie, where one end of the sky meets the other without interruption; a lull of hills and valleys covered in tall dry grass and spiny shrubbery. Deep crevices litter the plain, easily entrapping even the strongest of animals, also making an excellent home for rattlesnakes. Prairie dogs and a growing herd of Pronghorn call Kamari home and make for a decent meal.

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A Light in the Darkness (Joining) by Saphira Apr 18, 2016 15:15:51 GMT -5
Enackir Hot Springs

The clear, toasty waters of Enackir Hot Springs appeal to wolves of all kinds. The crystal blue liquid is calming and serene. Nature has finally filtered the human's contaminates from the water, creating a lovely utopia for all varieties of animals. Although the water is too hot to drink, it is a wonderful place to bathe and play on a cool day.

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Purpose [open] by Evani Mar 28, 2016 21:08:32 GMT -5
Kalus's Point

As the scientists abandoned the island, they left behind a post. The stone buildings were knocked to pieces as an attempt to hide their appearance on the island. A few stone buildings are left. Many of the wooden buildings were burned by uncontrollable wildfires. The ash and debris that once filled the air has finally cleared, revealing a useful home for the wildlife.

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Could I Have a Moment? [Pharaoh] by Eithne Apr 5, 2016 9:39:08 GMT -5
On-aldirr Crevice

The human's tests of weapons blasted away at the earth, chipping out an ancient, buried crevice. A few years has rounded out the sharp edges of the blast by erosion, and the underground tunnels have been carved out by the run-off over hundreds of years. Deep in the caverns, a trickling of water can be heard from the underground stream that runs deep below Kamari, still tainted by the chemicals soaked into the earth.

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Waiting for the End [Valeria/Zofia] by Zofia Mar 21, 2016 18:46:51 GMT -5
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Corporate Team Building Games Dubai by patrickfuller173 Dec 12, 2016 7:22:03 GMT -5

The jarring impact of the northern iceberg disturbed the oceanic flow surrounding Anikira, pulling the coastline further out, pulling this once submerged shelf above sea level. Although devoid of plantlife, the off-coast sactuary is protected from many threats of mainland Anikira and is rich in fish trapped in streams that cover the island.

Claimed By: Aesir Pack
Alpha(s): Valdís

The Path of Enathu

The ripping tides swirl and tear along the southwestern coast of Miera, threatening to swallow up anyone who dares to swim. The Path of Enathu provides the only entrance in or out of Miera, the boulders partially above water. However, many stretches are partially submerged, and unless one knows where to jump, they are likely to be swept to sea by the tide.

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Addled Arrival [Valdis] by Valdís Mar 21, 2016 18:20:25 GMT -5
Veins of Koraff

The southern half of Miera is littered with long streams and pools that eventually empty into the southern ocean waters. The inner waters are home to ocean fish that have never before been seen to mainlanders, some of them growing to nearly twice the size of the wolves themselves. A multltude of crabs and shellfish also reside along the the banks.

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Rebuilding the Past [Valdís] by Valdís Mar 31, 2016 12:31:52 GMT -5
Inakin Mosslands

The stagnant moisture and water-worn boulders of the northern Miera created the perfect condition for the sprawling moss lands of Inakin. While there is no other vegetation covering the north half of the territory, the rocks and sandy ground beneath them is filled with stagnant water, unable to drain away from region after the coastline pulled further out.

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Long Lost .. Acquaintances [Open to All Aesir Wolves] by Heimdall Mar 25, 2016 14:53:16 GMT -5

Nestled along the southern border of the mosslands, a previously underwater cavern has been unearthed, providing a den site to those who choose to reside in Miera. While the first hundred yards of the cavern is dry, the entryway, along with several of the tunnels below, are submerged. Unlike the water outside the cavern, these ground waters have been filtered by the earth, providing fresh water.

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Stuck Underground (Malachi) by Malachi Mar 25, 2016 14:36:02 GMT -5
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Rebuilding the Past [Valdís] by Valdís Mar 31, 2016 12:31:52 GMT -5

West Territories


Acerbus is a very versatile region. It is warmer in the south where it borders the hotter portions of Anikira, but cooler up north where the mountains of Shyia provide a barrier. It is located against the western coast of the continent, and it is well populated with food critters amongst the trees.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Typhon

Lleingas Woods

A mysterious fog embraces this dying forest destroyed by flames. The only animals that feel at home here are bats and other night-crawlers. Hunting is rough, but manageable. Eerie rock formations cast daunting shadows, giving the woods an unnerving presence. The spirits of hunted wolves linger, unable to rest in this wooded area.

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When to Quit (Lyra) by Lyra Apr 7, 2016 21:10:41 GMT -5

Hidden deep within Lleingas Woods lies a lake shrouded in constant mist. It seems bottomless, water tinted gray. No animal has lived to reach its bottom, the lake over two hundred feet deep. It feeds the Aughgar River yet very few animals trust its purity. A strange island rests in its center, dead trees and shriveled bushes adding to the eerie aura.

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Without Reward {Kade} by Avariella Mar 27, 2016 22:26:56 GMT -5

Blessed with clear skies, Ryn-Eldbel is a human made ridge. TNT littered the ground with rough, jagged rocks though the summit is smooth and inhabitable. Large prey like to graze there. One ill blast by mankind created an entrance into an abandoned mine. Old mine carts and train tracks wind through various tunnels beneath the plateau.

Posts: 20 / Threads: 3
Mistakin [Xolotl/Open] by Tarak Apr 8, 2016 21:33:55 GMT -5
Kiaou Mines

One of the remaining pieces of evidence of the human’s invasion is the Kiaou Mines. Here, the scientists dug deep beneath the plateau, extracting samples of the dirt and minerals. What they left was a hollow, man-made cave. Each area they chiseled into left another room, and daunting mine cart tracks lead across seemingly endless drops to other parts of the cavernous mines.

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Far from Home (Tarak/Open) by Tarak Feb 15, 2016 22:34:02 GMT -5
Posts: 134 / Threads: 18
Mistakin [Xolotl/Open] by Tarak Apr 8, 2016 21:33:55 GMT -5
The Occasus

The Occasus is the driest and hottest region of Anikira. The desert covers the majority of the territory, but it is bordered on the east by a river that keeps the land inhabitable. It is the home to Pievunt-An. Small prey are in abundance during the cooler seasons, and the occasional large animal falls prey to the sands.

Claimed By: Tenebris Pack
Alpha(s): Mara, Raum & Leviathan

Aughgar River

Dividing the Occasus from I’queyer, the rough and wide Aughgar River snarls through the continent. Jagged rocks and sharp brush cover the edge, and rapids are unpredictable. There are no calm places of the river; however, fishing is superb along the shore. The river feeds the southern gulf, and any wolf caught by the river will be swept to sea.

Posts: 22 / Threads: 3
Only Time Will Tell {Kade/Veles} by Kade Mar 22, 2016 14:10:48 GMT -5

The origin of Anikira, Pievunt-An, resides in the heart of the Occasus. Smoke still rises from the peak, and volcanic ash is piled along the sides and base. The trees and plants have started to grow back after the violent eruption, and it is now considered dormant. However, the risk of another eruption still rests in the hearts of the wolves.

Posts: 7 / Threads: 2
Stranger Like Me [Avariella] by Avariella Feb 26, 2016 21:25:00 GMT -5
Sands of Rodorr

The Sands of Rodorr serve as a home for much life, even with the high temperatures. Snakes, coyotes, birds of prey, and many varieties of bugs find a home in this rough environment. The Sands are desert-like for most of the year, but during the winter and spring, huge rainstorms bring the area to life, but these plants survive briefly.

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Passive Aggressive [Veles] by Veles Mar 9, 2016 21:08:55 GMT -5
Isdyn's Deep

Near the base of Pievunt-An, a cave formed by the lava flow of the volcano is nestled neatly out of the reach of the sandstorms and blistering sun heat. Although it is shelter from the elements, Isdyn's Deep is the hottest cave on the continent. The tunnels wind deeper towards the molten magma of the volcano buried deep below the earth's surface. The crackling of flaming earth sometimes echoes up into the upper rooms.

Posts: 11 / Threads: 2
Young Gods [MATURE] by Mara Mar 17, 2016 16:55:19 GMT -5
Posts: 116 / Threads: 14
Only Time Will Tell {Kade/Veles} by Kade Mar 22, 2016 14:10:48 GMT -5

A product of the first volcanic eruption of Pievunt-An, Ina'mos is a large island nestled north of Tas'alea, but still on the western side of Anikira. It lacks large plant life, but animals and smaller plants coat the island. Chunks of volcanic rock still litter the ground as a reminder of its origin.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Typhon

Liandry Falls

This gushing freshwater waterfall rises a mere twenty feet above the ground. It pulls fresh water from an aquifer situated below the island and is the only source of fresh water on Ina'mos. It is nestled in the side of the cliff formed by the shift of plates that brought the atoll closer to the top of the water.

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Chronicles [Fawn] by Fawn Mar 24, 2016 9:46:31 GMT -5
Ahyrd's Atoll

This unique coral ring rests just below the surface of the water to the west of the island. Beneath the surface rests a dormant volcano, and the coral is accessible by a short swim. It is home to a multitude of large food fish and aquatic creatures. The coral is so close to the surface that it can be walked upon.

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (Open) by Croix Mar 29, 2016 17:00:18 GMT -5
Dyndre's Swamp

The damp soils of the southern half of Ina'mos are home to a variety of large creatures, such as crocodiles, and a plethora of colorful birds. The land is difficult to navigate safely due to the dangerous animals that inhabit it, but it makes for great hunting grounds for the brave soul.

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Assistance (Sabaoth) by Typhon Apr 2, 2016 18:58:54 GMT -5
Cavern of Govyn

The Cavern of Govyn was originally part of the aquifer formed during the hardening of the lava that originally built Ina'mos. With the plate shifts, the entrance to the cavern was dislodged to allow entrance. The trickling sounds of water echo all throughout the cavern and, if one is brave enough to venture deep into its winding tunnels, the aquifer can be accessed.

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Shadow and Soul [Atheoth family] by Balthazar Mar 28, 2016 19:17:55 GMT -5
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Assistance (Sabaoth) by Typhon Apr 2, 2016 18:58:54 GMT -5

The product of a violent volcanic eruption, Igneir represents the fusion of two worlds. While the molten ground is virtually untouchable and will exude heat for many months, the lava field permanently fuses Tas'alea to mainland Anikira while also eating away at some surrounding territories.

Claimed By: Unclaimable

Posts: 16 / Threads: 3
i ́am̷ f̕r̨ee̡ [agoge/tenebris invite] by Quinn Apr 12, 2016 7:31:52 GMT -5

South Territories


Xisyn is located on the southern tip of the continent. This valley, created from a sinkhole in the south portion of the Sands of Rodorr, is now teeming with life. Loose rocks are everywhere. A small creek runs through the lower portion of the valley, and desert caverns are scattered through the walls.

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Belashi Butte

Belashi Butte is one of the most beautiful landforms in the southern territories. The red rock rises mysteriously from the depths of the canyon. It, amazingly, stayed in tact with the collapse of the sinkhole. The top of the butte is littered with large, circular rock formations, seemingly floating with little support. It is a difficult but rewarding climb to the top.

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Greetings from a wanderer [Vidarii] by Evangeline Mar 23, 2016 21:12:15 GMT -5
Boulders of Tohyz

With the collapse of the sinkhole came many loose rocks. Most of the larger stones fell in a central area, now referred to as the Boulders of Tohyz. These large boulders are lodged tightly together, preventing them from shifting further. The area they cover is mostly barren because the soil is sandy and covered from sunlight. Many small critters hide in the stones.

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Turxos Creek

Although it is buried in a desert sinkhole, Turxos Creek provides most of the water that sustains life in Xisyn. The water trickles out from the sandstone from an aquifer in the northern territories, feeding the tuffs of plantlife and wildlife alike. Its flow is small, but it is consistent throughout all the seasons. The water is never frozen or muddy.

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Long Night, Forgotten Sight [Vashti/Open] by Evangeline Mar 27, 2016 16:01:05 GMT -5
Virak Caverns

Virak Caverns is the largest discovered network of caves in all of Anikira. The caves stretch far under the Sands of Rodorr, and it is rumored that there are even hidden exits to both the Occasus and Acerbus somewhere buried deep in the tunnels. Some tunnels cannot be navigated due to large stelagmites and stelactites. The sandstone is brittle in many areas.

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Anguish [Open] by Vashti Mar 17, 2016 9:30:10 GMT -5
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Long Night, Forgotten Sight [Vashti/Open] by Evangeline Mar 27, 2016 16:01:05 GMT -5

Aveline expands on the southeastern coast of Anikira. While it is mostly grasslands, the easternmost region is marshy and humid. The most notable feature is an old sinkhole that has the clearest water in Anikira streaming through it as well as an ancient crater that is nestled among the grasslands.

Claimed By: Ananke Pack
Alpha(s): Nimue

Tor's Marsh

Named for the wolven god Tor, the marshlands of Aveline are dangerous and not navigable during high tide. The land is home to some of the most dangerous animals in Anikira, such as the crocodile and water moccasin, that threaten a swift death to those who do not treat them with respect. However, the marsh also attracts a variety of ducks and small birds.

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Mutilation (Silver) by Journey Apr 2, 2016 20:05:54 GMT -5
Desakin Crater

Evidence of a thousand-year-old meteor strike, Desakin Crater rests in the far south of Aveline. The indention in the earth's crust is more than fifteen feet down and forty yards across, signifying a rather large strike. The center of the crater often fills with rain waters, but during the drought seasons, it becomes a graveyard to many water-deprived animals.

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Into the Night [Phantom] by Phantom Mar 19, 2016 19:37:17 GMT -5
Chamoru Plains

The eastern portion of Chamoru Plains rests within the borders of Aveline. The grasslands are the prime hunting location for members of the resident pack. Most of the large prey of Anikira reside in the plains, as it is the most temperate and versatile location on the continent. Trees are scarce across the plains, but the occasional tree provides much-needed shade.

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Detected [Veles] by Veles Apr 12, 2016 15:50:31 GMT -5
The Eye of Fenris

Long ago, the earth below a portion of Chamoru Plains gave way from the hundreds of years of erosion caused by underground water flow. The Eye of Fenris, a sinkhole that has existed for more than a hundred years, still bears the saltwater river that carved it out all those years ago. Some of the tunnels that water previously flowed are no longer submersed and create an interesting underground maze.

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Detected [Veles] by Veles Apr 12, 2016 15:50:31 GMT -5

I'queyer is largely dominated by Chamoru Plains, the grasslands of the southern portion of continent. It remains cool or warm year-round, unlike most of Anikira. The beach stretches across a quart of the entire continent's coast. It is abundant in large prey and open for loners to roam at ease.

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Chamoru Plains

Central to the continent lies Chamoru Plains, a vast, endless grassland open to all. Safe from Pievunt-An and sheltered by the Kinath, these grasslands are pure and fresh. Wildflowers bloom during the warm months. This area is home to large prey such as bison, elk, and deer. Occasional savannah-style trees dot the land.

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Memories don't come easy [Galathe] by Skye Mar 31, 2016 12:43:58 GMT -5
Endyt Beach

Running along the majority of the coast, Endyt Beach is a mixture of dirty sand and pure white sand. Brush and plant life sprout up along the water line, but the access is easy by nearly any area of the continent. The southern coast along the gulf is a common retreat spot for wolves. The sand is soft and warm, heated by all day sun exposure.

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Let The Games Begin (Captain/Natasha) by Captain Mar 28, 2016 0:26:14 GMT -5
Somani Island

The lava has cooled, and the waves against the molten earth carved a new isle off Anikira's coast. Somani Island, a slowly evolving utopia, is small but has great potential. Saplings and grass are beginning to grow, while other places still wait for their hidden potential to be exposed. The tiny island may act as a sanctuary from the perils of the mainland.

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Seeking the Lost ( Solitaire / Open ) by Solitaire Dec 2, 2015 18:48:21 GMT -5
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Vor'asa is the dryer region of Tas'alea, but the dunes that spread across the region have copious oases buried in its midst. It is the home of the only sign of humankind that the wolves of the island ever encountered, and also a large saltwater cove that douses the Northern portion of the island with ocean water.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Typhon

Adeli's Cove

On the northern horn of the island, Adeli's Cove has been carved out from the earth after years and years of tides washing across the dirt. There is very little beach in the cove, apart from the innermost waterfront where the beach is a mere fifteen yards in width. It is here that the SS Rilon washed ashore. The sea water spray sometimes reaches as much as one hundred yards inland upon contact with the cove walls.

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First Steps {OPEN/AGOGE} by Kegan Apr 12, 2016 0:40:29 GMT -5
SS Rilon

While humans never set foot on Tas'alea, the trade routes just to the west of the island frequently brought ships within two miles of the shore. A nasty hurricane swept one such trade ship aboard. The SS Rilon, a large cargo ship, was beached in Adeli's Cove, where the ship has remained wedged into the sand fo more than a dozen years. The wood has deteriorated some with the times, but it provides adequate shelter and plenty of space to the wolves who inhabit Vor'asa.

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Wild is the Wind [Sabaoth/open] by Liadan Apr 6, 2016 19:14:52 GMT -5
Aisu Dunes

Most of the northern region of Tas'alea is covered by live dunes. Unlike the desert, the temperature is moderate and trees dot the dunes. There is the occasional freshwater oasis nestled between the dunes to provide water to the lifeforms in Vor'asa. While there may not be much shelter, the dunes are filled with life such as burrowing spiders, birds, and small rodents such as meerkats and gophers.

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R. U. N. [Fawn] by Kegan Apr 2, 2016 19:30:55 GMT -5
Kydifi's Pass

On the southern border between Vor'asa and R'imdar rests Kydifi's Pass. Near the southern border, the dunes transition to a more mountainous height, creating the northern edge of the bowl basin. Here wildlife runs rampant, and there is a single flat path through the mountains to enter R'imdar. The pass often has rock slides and, during the winter, avalanches that leave the pass nearly impossible to enter or exit.

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Little Victories {OPEN//AGOGE} by Hyperion Jan 16, 2016 14:51:11 GMT -5
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The vast basin of R'imdar encompasses nearly half of the island of Tas'alea. The drainage from the heavily rained island congregates here, and the geysers developed with the arrival of the gross amount of seismic activity. The lava bridge is the neutral point for transit between Tas'alea and Anikira.

Claimed By: Unclaimable

Delia Basin

Covering a vast amount of central Tas'alea, Delia Basin is the lowest point of the island and the area that all water run-off passes through. Water that pools throughout the basin is fresh and teeming with life, providing a hunting ground for lone wolves to stalk large prey as well as smaller fish within the pools. The basin will sometimes flood during high tide, and the water rises rapidly with strong rainfall on the island.

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A Meeting [Veles] by Karath Jan 20, 2016 8:42:01 GMT -5
Geysers of Nysm

Scattered across the western region of Delia Basin, the volcanic activity created a hot spot. Geysers spew copious amounts of blazing hot steam into the air at random intervals throughout the day. There are a variety of sizes, and some of the geysers are not very pronounced. These small geysers are mere cracks in the earth that, if not careful, can scald an unsuspecting wolf as they walk by.

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Long Gone [Open] by Leviathan Dec 31, 2015 18:30:45 GMT -5
Aleisul Crossing

The freshly cooled lava from the explosion of Pievunt-An spread far into the sea, connecting the land masses of Anikira and Tas'alea. While it is not exceptional wide, the rock bridge is very sturdy and ragged. Some areas were scooped out by ocean waves as they molded the lava into its current form. The bridge is the only connection between the two regions, and as such is an important landmass.

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A Meeting [Veles] by Karath Jan 20, 2016 8:42:01 GMT -5

Kal'dyne is home to the tropical creatures of Tas'alea. The Waryck Jungle hides the dangerous animals that prowl the island. The lagoon is one of the most beautiful locations in the jungle, but only if you can make your way there. Wolves who do not wish to be found may find refuge here.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Typhon

Uchai Lagoon

Nestled along the coastline in the jungle, Uchai Lagoon is a constantly warm, green-rimmed water source. The water rises a mere four feet year round, but it never runs dry. It is separated from the ocean by a beautiful reef. The lagoon is salt water, but it is full of brightly colored tropical fish that hide in the reefs that have divided the lagoon from the ocean. The edges are line with boulders and coarse gravel.

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The waters of Uchai Lagoon hide a cave as old as time. Hat'moru is carefully nestled in the rocky edge of the lagoon, while jungle foliage disguise the cave's entrance from prying eyes. The only way to enter the cave is by wading through the two feet of water at its entrance. Within the cave, various small pools of fresh water are hidden, as well as huge stalactites and stalagmites forged by time.

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Waryck Jungle

A large majority of Kal'dyne is nestled deep within the Waryck Jungle. Some of the most exotic creatures, including jaguars, anacondas, baboons, spider monkeys. The jungle spreads from one coast to the other, and some areas are so dense that they are not navigable. Wolves braving the Waryck Jungle need to exercise caution near water for fear of piranhas and crocodile attacks.

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Gonna Go Far, Kid // Open by Aaricia Dec 13, 2015 23:25:54 GMT -5
Ridge of Vesirtin

Along the northern border of Kal'dyne lies the Ridge of Vesirtin. While it is not very high, it is a visible divider between the jungle and the central basin. Here the foliage is more traditional, with small oak saplings, evergreen trees, and larger maple trees covering the top of the ridge. The heaviest rains in Tas'alea fall upon the ridge, where the water rushes down both sides into the basin and the jungle.

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// here comes the sun [Trilogy] by Trilogy Apr 2, 2016 23:13:43 GMT -5
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// here comes the sun [Trilogy] by Trilogy Apr 2, 2016 23:13:43 GMT -5

The End

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